I'm a "thirty-something" male who has been lucky enough to live in some of the world's most exotic cities such as Buenos Aires, Prague, Miami, Seoul, Las Vegas, San Fran, Washington D.C. (I was actually born just across the river from that much-loathed Capital City) and Boston.

It's such a pity that I didn't take up photography as an avocation during my childhood or adolescence, ergo the images on this site only date back to the early part of the 21st century.

It’s fair to say those who take up photography as a creative outlet or even a profession, will sooner or later find out that their camera lens is something akin to a two-way mirror which shows them just as much as their subjects.

Ergo, the categories on this site touch upon things which are of continual interest to me; be it music, spirituality, politics, lovely ladies, children, animals, sports, etc, etc.

I've had a lifelong proclivity towards using alliterations in both the title and body of my opuses, and you are bound to notice this trait in the category headings and the photo captions on this site as well.

I do have a degree in Film Studies which may have gone a long way in enhancing my artistic eye, but you guys must be the judge of that.

For all of you thinking I'm a millionaire (or the offspring of one for that matter), just because of my seemingly endless travels, I must inform you that for better or worse it is far from the truth as I've put in a lot of years of toil and sweat as an ESL instructor to finance my travels and while on the road I go through lots of hardships in terms of cheap lodging and transportation in order to prevent profligacy.

Please email me at aryaarya@yahoo.com if you have any further queries or would like to link up with this site.

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