My Friends 

My Friends

The sites I have listed below all belong to folks and causes I think very highly of and have often collaborated with, so please give them a click.


A site featuring the works of an amateur photographer based in Cologne, Germany. After looking through his work I'm sure you'll agree that his eye for great shots is on par with some of the top pro photographers.


For the dedicated few, it's a passion. Gary Kernan is an Alaska salmon fishing guide with more than 20 years of experience on the famed Kenai Peninsula and other popular Alaskan river systems.


Alex is a friend and fellow photographer from a country (Argentina) which for various reasons holds a special place in my heart and memories.


A site featuring links to the sites of hundreds of up and coming photographers of all different genres.


Large selection of nature and travel photography by photographer Rolf Hicker from around the world.
Find photography portfolios on Canada, New Zealand, Alaska, Europe, Africa, Ecuador and other countries.


A must-see for those interested in the (largely) desert Indian province of Rajasthan.


A page dedicated to my late friend Fred Siwak's World Art for A.L.S. Awareness project. You can read about my experiences with this project in the "Prior Works" section of this site.


Lesley and friends do an amazing job of saving seemingly hopelessly damaged film negatives.


Another site with links to hundreds of amazing photography sites.


A site that I'm a bit prejudiced towards because it gave me my first break as a photographer, but once you visit yourself you'll surely agree that their format (highlighting mostly "rogue" locales) is an admirable one.


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